Square One

Square One is a lifestyle brand for men that focuses on premium commodity products such as socks, towels, and undergarments at a fair price. Working with family-owned businesses in Italy, they combine ethically sourced extra-long-staple cotton with craftsmanship to give wardrobe basics a heightened elegance.

Restless was commissioned to create a brand identity that reflects these sensibilities. The logotype is crafted in a geometric sans-serif with Regent Pro elsewhere, lending an elegant strength to design. We employed a subdued palette along with choice print finishing, such as blind embossing and foiling to convey a sense of refinement and timeless luxury.

Photography by Jasper Yu
Styling by CK Koo
Grooming by Manisa Tan



Our visual identity for the brand consists of a wordmark accompanied by a fox symbol. This runs across a range of printed materials, from stationery to garment labels and packaging, with choice materials and finishings to reflect the attention to detail given to the garments themselves.

“Taking the time to understand what quality actually means and explaining it to our customers.”

We crafted the graphic treatment of printed materials and art directed the photoshoot to reflect the brand’s conviction—a non-conformity to seasons, and its commitment to quality and comfort.

Blind emboss and handwritten name on thank you cards

The website adopted an editorial approach and structure, giving the brand a platform to inform and clarify the often confusing world of textiles so customers can make informed choices.

151 Jalan Besar, #02-01
Singapore 208869