Chef Ivan Brehm believes that food does not exist in isolation, and all great cuisines are the product of intersecting cultures across time. Nouri offers a unique voice in the culinary scene, serving up “Crossroads Cooking”—food that takes influence from around the globe and highlighting the similarities and connections shared across cultures.

Restless devised an identity that reflected these ideals with elements that were deliberately abstract, a language that maintains neutrality and universality.

Afro Brazilian fritter, turmeric and coconut sauce, bread and salted prawn vatapá

Photo by Robin Thang

Nouri’s monogram comes from the theme of nourishment and growth, featuring a solid ‘N’ as a foundation and another vine-like silhouette growing around it. The heavy curves are drawn from German Fraktur type, a nod to Ivan’s heritage.

Nouri is rooted in the Latin word for “nourishment” and Chef Ivan Brehm was particularly inspired by the liminal, the idea of change, growth and crossing paths.

“From food to design, Nouri’s aim is to establish connection and celebrate people.”

We designed an refined range of stationery using subtlety to great effect. A linen-like waxed menu cover was used for its sophistication and durability. The covers were finished with a blind emboss and red foil as an accent, reflecting the colours in the space.

Bespoke envelopes were produced to hold receipts and as a small part of Nouri for diners to take away.

The idea of growth was further translated into a set of large gestural brush strokes, providing an organic texture and warmth to the print collateral.

Business cards for chef and general manager
151 Jalan Besar, #02-01
Singapore 208869