Coinhako is a digital assets wallet service for consumers to buy, sell, store and transfer their cryptocurrencies. Originally founded in Silicon Valley, they are based in Singapore to serve Asia.

We partnered closely with the Coinhako team to develop a clear brand purpose, helping Coinhako to focus on a concise proposition. Cryptocurrency was relatively new and unknown back then and Bitcoin had a reputation as some sort of currency for ‘dark enterprises’ for hackers. By adopting an inclusive and convivial approach, we presented a welcoming service to lower the barrier of entry.

Hako stands for box in Japanese, a catchy word adopted by the Japanese and Singaporean co-founders. The logo represents and visually echoes the concept of a coin storage, with a square juxtaposed on a coin, containing the logotype.

The graphic device gave us an opportunity to express Coinhako’s core values in a slot motion and depict ideas such as exchange between countries and people.

White foil on Colorplan cards

We developed a recognisable style for Coinhako’s illustrations informed by the logo’s shape. Together with the bright colours, they add a cheerful touch to soften cryptocurrencies’ image.

As the technology gains acceptance in the mainstream finance world, the design language had to adapt and take on a mature tone. A more graphic and less illustrative approach evolved to changing communication needs without losing the signature cues.

“Coinhako is the best (Blockchain) company coming out of Singapore. That is why we picked them.”
—Adam Draper

Posters, banners and EDMs created for announcements and tech updates

151 Jalan Besar, #02-01
Singapore 208869